Policy for Animal Welfare Scheme

The British are a nation of pet lovers, yet despite this, there are significant pet welfare problems. Some are due to enforcement issues of laws already in place. Some are due to legal gaps where expansion of the law is needed.

PAWS supporters include: Liz Solari - Actress, Model and UNICEF Ambassador, Josh Dylan - Actor, David Seaman - Footballer, Shirlie Kemp - Singer, Lucrezia Millarini - ITV News Presenter, Natasha Baker MBE - Five-times Paralympic Gold Medalist, Goldierocks AKA Sam Hall - International DJ and Broadcaster, Tina Baker - Journalist and Broadcaster, C.A.R.I.A.D, Marc Abraham - Vet, The Vegan Society, Caroline Yates - CEO, Mayhew, Juliet Gellatley - Founder and Director Viva!, Alec Burns - Co-founder of All Dogs Matter, Jacqui Cuff - Head of Advocacy and Government Relations, Cats Protection, Rachel Simm - PR & Fundraising Officer, Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare, Dr Toni Vernelli - Executive Director, Animal Equality UK, Alex Ross - Former Campaigns and Media Manager, Parliamentary Officer, RSPCA, Joanna Randall - International Head of Companion Animals Campaigns, FOUR PAWS UK, Jo Blake - Development Manager, Humanimal Trust, Karen Hanton MBE - Founder, Pets Pyjamas, Henry Smith MP, Vanessa Hudson and Councillor Jane Smith, The Animal Welfare Party, Nigel Huddleston MP, Sir Mike Penning MP, Bill Wiggin MP, Rosie Cooper MP, Jim Shannon MP, Alex Chalk MP, Lush, Karma Cola, The Meatless Farm Co and many more.

Pet Breeding Problems:

Why PAWS Is Needed:

Pet Breeding Solutions:

National Pet Register

Expanded Breeder Regulation

Tax Revenue

Independent Animal Inspectorate

Long-Term Goals

Benefits of PAWS

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